iHeartfaces :: Yellow

Laying in the grass in the bright yellow sun... ahhhh.... so relaxing! Don't you think?
Head to iHeartfaces and join in on the fun. You know you want too.


Webiste Issues

If you've tried to visit my website, crystalraephotography.com, you'll find nothing comes up. Well that's because I had technical difficulties when editing. Things got deleted and moved and I didn't do it. So I ended up deleting it all and deciding I would make it myself, without the help of a build your website editor. So, be patient with me as I get my new site up. In the mean time you can still visit my blog and find out what's going on with Crystal Rae Photography.

Check out this cutie...


Photo Sharing

This little guy is the cutest ever. He's such a joy to be around. Enjoy!!!
I couldn't decide which version I liked best. So i thought I would share and you could decide!

Have A Great Weekend!