iHeartfaces :: Fix It Friday

I haven't participated in a Fix It Friday in FOREVER! So why not today! Right?

iHeartfaces Fix It Friday

You can obviously see which is the original and which is my edited one. I didn't crop this picture at all because I really really liked all the photo. It's a great shot, but adding the old look to it makes it that much bette for me. What did you come up with? Go to iHeartfaces and share your edited shot.


iHeartfaces :: Smiles

I had to use this photo for the iHeartfaces photo challenge, Smiles. This is my brother and his son Tristan. Mom isn't in the picture, (Well obviously, but I mean there raising the baby) but my brother has been doing an outstanding job raising him. Even so, they are all SMILES!

Father & Son


iHeartfaces :: Collages

This week the category is Collages... I did a birthday collage from Tristan's birthday last December.

He's such a sweetie pie. I don't want him to grow up at all. :P
Head over to iHeartfaces and see all the creative collages people came up with.


IHeartfaces :: I Heart Desserts

Desserts, yummo! I love eating dessert, it's my favorite. But since I didn't have the time to make a dessert I enjoy, I decided to take this picture and use it since I was enjoying a delicious dessert at the time, and decided it would be cute to put it on my nose and get a picture too. :P



Want to enoy more desserts? Head to iheartfaces and see what other desserts are being concocted !