Fix It Friday

Yeah, it's Friday and I'm getting to Fix It Friday on FRIDAY!

So there you go my 3 fixes. What do you think?


Fix it Friday on a Saturday

I haven't posted lately and it's because of the business of my life... you know how life can be.
But I did a fix it friday from iHeartFaces and wanted to share what I came up with. I only did one this week. It was a tricky picture. It was a really dark shot as you can see.

Original:: Fix It Friday
The Original

The Edit

What do you think?


Fix It Friday

It's fix it friday... and I'm feeling so much better, so much better I could sit up and edit this photo a few different ways.

here is the original

My edits

I hope everyone has a great Friday. :)


Remember When I....

showed you all a little sneak peak of the Poehner Family HERE, well, here are my favorite shots from that time.

This barely covers my favorites, I'll have to share the rest in another post. :)