My Nephews are the cutest

My nephews are so cute! This weekend my mother wanted me to take pictures of her 2 grandkids wearing matching outfits. Tristan here was all for it...
Crystal Rae Photography
But Jude made this face and then....

Crystal Rae Photography

Made this face. He was not feeling picture time. So we didnt get any pictures we thought we would get. So we decided to try another time. :P

Crystal Rae Photography



Alice said...

cystal, i loveee that last shot! so precious. i love his little toothless gums and his squished up face! i think your photo shoot was awesome but then, i'm not grandma :O)

Pam said...

Not looking at all happy! I use to feel for parents that took their kids to have pics made somewhere and the kids cried and cried. I felt for the parents and the photographer. Thank goodness I never had to deal with that. My son, who turns 22 today, cried one time...because the photographer was finished and wasn't taking anymore!! Better luck next time.