iHeartFaces :: Sepia Tone

Kids:: Sepia Tone
iHeartFaces:: Sepia Kid
Adult:: Sepia Tone
iHeartFaces:: Sepia Adult

iHeartFaces category this week is Sepia tone... this is what I came up with, what have you got?
Go ahead, click your way on over there.



the monkey's mama said...

oh my goodness i love BOTH! wow! very impressive!

☺sAvIe said...

They're both really great pictures! I love the first one. Little kids are always so adorable in pictures.

Julie Rivera Photography said...

Your child entry is one of my favorites thus far. I really am drawn to the way you cropped it and her amazing lashes. Really stunning!

Miti said...

Your kid shot is just absolutely gorgeous!! I love how you zoomed in.

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Great photos!

Colleen said...

These are great! Great entries!!

Maria-Thérèse said...

The first one is crazy beautiful.
The second one would look great as a drawing as well!!

♥ maria-thérèse www.afiori.com