Fix It Friday: Really On Friday This Time

I found the time to do iHeartFaces fix it friday on Friday! Yay for me. Here is what I came up with for this particular photo.
Fix It Friday
I just love Fix It Fridays... I get to play with the photos and figure out new ways to make photos look better. Thanks Amy & Angie, for doing what you do @ iHeartFaces. Woot to you two!



Alice said...

your edits are awesome. just curious how you got the eyes that color in edit #1? they look great!

i have my edit posted, too. feel free to critique and give me some suggestions if you want. i am looking for helpful pointers! thanks :O)

Alice said...

the tutorial on the eyes would be great! my email is thanks :)

Sid said...

I love the eye color of number 1, but I'm also a bw fan! Great job.

Check out my edits and let me know what you think (please be truthful, brutal if necessary) ; )

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

I love your first edit! Great job

FROGGITY! said...

crystal, this is absolutely gorgeous. great job!